Piano Moving

We are pleased to help you find useful information regarding piano moving. As a rule we have to be prepaid in full before we move your piano or grand piano. Before inquiring know what we need to do:

  • Have an operational truck (P2-3M cost)
  • Have 2-4 people to move
  • Gas, insurance, toll fees
  • Due to the traffic, most moves take 1/2 day or longer.
  • Permits are often required.
  • Food
  • Moving equipment that needs replacing often


Local Piano Moving Charges:

Local piano moving, within the Manila area, Manilapianos Inc. will consider moving your piano,we have our own piano moving service department.

Please call 0917-895-0011 or email us with your request.

Extra charges for stairs, toll fees, parking fees or moving on weekends or holidays or after hours (9am to 6pm) may accur as we need to pay extra.


When you contact us please have the following information:

  • Where is the piano now
  • Where does it need to go
  • If grand piano, how long is it
  • Are there stairs involved or are there elevators
  • Do you/we need permits to enter and/or park
  • What will be the date of the moving.

NOTE: ALL moves have to paid in advance via cash or mc/visa or bank deposit.

Notice: If we come to the pick up place and we find there are more more stairs than declared or the piano does not fit in the elevator we will abandon the move and there will be no refund.

If this happens at the place of delivery we will abandon the move and/or keep the piano in our posession until such time the customer agrees to pay extra charges before new delivery. Back to front page.


Piano moving within the rest of the Philippines

If you need to send a piano or grand piano further away or you buy one from us and it needs to be shipped by cargo/air/boat, it needs to be crated by us for PHP 20,000 ( upright and grand piano) and then we will send it per LTL (less than load) freight shipment which will cost between PHP 10,000 and PHP 20,000. You can call whomever if you want to find out your own extra moving charge and we will deliver it to the address in Manila. Do not forget to put insurance on the piano, we do not insure automatically, it is NEVER included in a sale unless specifically mentioned on the invoice. It is very important for you, the customer, the price will depend on the price of the piano.


Piano Moving to the USA

If you would like to move your piano to the USA or you would purchase a piano from USA and want it shipped to or from there, you would want to know the currency exchange rates, they can be found here. All our pricing is in PHP but sometimes we will except US currency as well. We can arrange all the moves for you as we have the connections to do this. We would come to your house and deliver it to the site at the other end. Most of our upright pianos and grand pianos, both new and used, are sold with a limited 5 year warranty.  In the USA this warranty can be administered by members of the Piano Technicians Guild.

We can arrange for the piano to be shipped right from our store to your home. This is priced on a per quote basis depending on your location and the method of transportation involved. Please use the form below for a personalized quote on shipping a piano to your home.

World Wide Piano Moving

If you have decided to purchase a piano or grand piano in Europe or you want to move your piano to Shanghai or Melbourne, you need to make sure the piano is made "ocean safe" which means some expert packing. However, strange as it may be, there is more risk to ship a piano or grand piano on a truck than there is on a boat or an plane.

Usually the piano will go as a LTL (Less Than Load) shipment in a 20 or 40 foot sealed container, so the trick is to get it to and from the container. We use several companies that service all our world wide shipping, import from US, Canada, Japan, Europe including very expensive Grand Pianos and Pipe Organs. Shipping is very important! The wrong shipper to save some money can cost you the piano! 

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There are strict regulations for the import and export of ivory. Make sure to check with the authorities and notify us on that subject before shipping the piano. Example: shipping a piano from the USA to Manila with ivory keys could automatically result in seizure of the piano, no matter what age or what brand name. No excuses!