People come to our store or call us to purchase a new piano all the time, not realizing the benefits of a well restored used piano. Here are the honest observations:


1) A good used piano or grand piano is a lot less expensive than a new one.

Typically a used piano will cost around 50-60% less than a new one, that is not only because of the mark up, but also the cost of building a piano say, 30 years ago, was a lot less than today.The price of good materials always goes up.


2) The quality of a good used piano or grand piano is better than a new one.

These days there are a lot of low quality parts used in most new pianos. Good new pianos are barely made any longer because of the costs of materials and labor. Most new pianos are manufactured off shore in developing countries where the labour is cheap and quality control is often very bad.


3) Used pianos and grand pianos have wood that is cured for many years.

All pianos and grands have wood, older ones usually have much better wood versus the same new one with not-so-good wood or even plastic. New pianos and especially grand pianos (more wood) have many more problems than good used ones, because wood needs to cure and will expand and contract for some 10-20 years. An older piano therefore is ideal as the piano is very stable and usually better built. (SEE PIC)



4) Value for your money.

A good used piano or grand piano costs much less than a new one. The thing is there are not many really good well restored used pianos and grand pianos out there. We specialize in them, our used pianos have the same 10 year no nonsense warranty than a new one and we have experienced a lot less problems with our used ones versus new ones, for the reasons mentioned before. So reality is that a good used piano is better and at least 50% less expensive than a new one, providing it is well restored. 


5) Good new pianos.

There are good new pianos out there! New German pianos made in Germany, Japanese pianos made in Japan and American pianos made in America are usually very good. If you want to pay the price, go ahead. We sell them too!


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