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Willem | Advisor

Willem is a concert pianist and organist as well as a conductor.  He studied classical organ, conducting and piano at the Royal Conservatory in Zwolle (Netherlands) from 1974 to 1979, after that he studied jazz and theatre organ at the Royal Conservatories of  Hilversum and Alkmaar (both Netherlands) between 1979 and 1981 and finally Willem van Suijdam studied Bach interpretation between 1981 and 1986 in Paris (France) under world-renowned organist Jean Guillou. If you want to see Willem play the organ, please go to YouTube.


Willem van Suijdam is also the principal founder of the Liberation Choir in Canada and served as their conductor for 15 years. The Liberation Choir was one of Canada's premier choirs, in its glory days it had over 200 members, performed dozens of sold-out concerts in Europe and Canada as well as the USA, Willem directed 3 sold-out concerts in Hamilton Place, made TV specials every day and performed several concerts with the Guelph Symphony Orchestra, (see picture below) which Willem van Suijdam directed. The choir made 4 very successful European tours. Please also see here.

In 1995 Willem had the honor to be chosen for the Arts Acclaim Award, citizen of the year in Canada where he resided at the time. After immigrating to Canada from the Netherlands in 1986, Willem founded his first organ store in 1989. He advises organ committees, sells pipe organs as well as digital organs and with his combination of business and knowing quality and value, he opened up Pianohouse Burlington Inc. which became Canada's largest piano store and he owned it until 2009. It flourished under his skillful leadership. He also imports pipe organs and Content digital organs and is the backbone of ManilaPianos Inc. specializing in the sales of Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang and Pearl River pianos and grand pianos and has a complete remanufacturing shop where Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Bechstein and other fine pianos are rebuilt from the ground up. 

Willem was also chosen to be one of three judges in the Chinese Organ Competition 2014, an honor not bestowed to many, together with Francois Espinasse, organist in Paris, France.

Willem tought a masterclass in registration and interpretation of classical and sacred music put

 on for the 12 finalists of the competition that started with more than 200 participants. You can read more on this on Google. See the picture of Willem lecturing, the masterclass went on for some 6 hours and mainly focussed on the teaching of registrations to be used on a real pipe organ.


Gina | General Manager and Chairman of the Board

Gina F. Ronquillo, hailing from Bulacan, holds the position of the third child in a family of six. Despite facing adversity, her relentless dedication and unwavering work ethic have propelled her to the pinnacle of Manila's Business Community over the past five years. Her remarkable rise has established her as a sagacious and distinguished figure, earning immense respect within her field.

Notably, Gina F. Ronquillo proudly bears the legacy of her esteemed grandfather, the renowned Filipino artist Roman Faustino, known for his iconic painting "I shall return" featuring Douglas McArthur, which is prominently displayed in the National Museum.As the President Chairman and principal shareholder of WVS 1 Trading Inc, Gina Ronquillo spearheads a company specializing in the import and distribution of various products, including pianos, grand pianos, church organs, digital water meters, automatic greasing systems, ultrasonic detectors, electric cables, and specialized ISUZU trucks for the electrical industry.

Additionally, Gina Ronquillo serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wishgate Trading Inc, a company focused on providing loans in the power sector. She actively collaborates on multiple ventures with esteemed individuals such as Chavit Singson and other prominent figures in the business community.

Furthermore, Gina F. Ronquillo serves as the esteemed Philippine prime consultant for energy at KEPCO Philippines. Through this role, she facilitates connections between one of the world's largest companies and the Association of Electric Cooperatives in the Philippines, as well as the Department of Energy.

As Chairman of the Board at Manila Pianos Inc, Gina Ronquillo holds a deep commitment to supporting and nurturing culture and cultural events in the Philippines. To this end, she generously offers free space within our store to all those who wish to showcase concerts and other events with cultural significance.

Gina F. Ronquillo's profound dedication to her business endeavors, her invaluable contributions to the community, and her passion for promoting cultural enrichment make her an exemplary leader in the Philippines.


 Arnel  | Technician consultant


Arnel Umali was born in the Philippines where he has been educated in the Piano and Piano Technique for many years in the family business, Arnel is the second generation and his father, Pablo Umali started in 1955. Arnel tunes pianos for amongst others Silliman University in Dumaguete. Arnel is in his 50s and therefore experienced for some 40-plus years.

He also tunes at many other fine venues. Later Arnel went to educate himself on the recommendation of Kristine Coyiuto to Austria where he spent some time in 2008 and 2010 at the Bosendorfer factory in VIENNA.  We here feel very fortunate that he decided to stay in the Philippines to work with Manila Pianos Inc. 

Arnel specializes in the complete regulation and concert tuning of fine grand and upright pianos by Steinway & Sons and many others. He also is very knowledgeable about Japanese pianos like Yamaha and Kawai. If you want us to rebuild your pianos, he will certainly have his hand in it. 

We at Manila Pianos are thankful to have such a nice person and wonderful technician and consults with us in the Philippines and works in our store as well as his own.


Dave | Rebuilding Manager


Dave is the person that is in charge of the rebuilding center we have here in Manila. He was trained in Canada during the last few years. As we saw that the knowledge of rebuilding in the Philippines needed improvement, we decided to have Dave work with the best rebuilder in North America, Mr. Calvin Robers, until such time that Dave had gained enough information to be knowledgeable enough to appreciate the quality ManilaPianos wants and demands from its rebuilding anywhere in the world.

As ManilaPianos also requires special pianos to be moved by piano specialists, we required that he also trained himself along with piano movers in Canada with Ontariopianos. In 2013 they moved over 1800 pianos!  It is with a lot of pride that we introduce Dave to you! You might meet him if you purchase or rent a piano from us! 

The refinishing work Dave has learned over the years includes complete outside Grand Piano refinishing in any color from Polished Black to Satin White and everything in between! He also learned the trades of refinishing cracked soundboards, fixing or replacing bridges, setting bearing (most important for sound!) and building, from scratch, new pin blocks, something NO ONE in the Philippines was able to do till now!

 So, when Dave tackles your Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, or other pianos, for sure the quality of workmanship when the piano is done will supersede your every expectation. His email is dave@pianos.ph


Mark | Procurent and Administration, Sales.

Mark Garcia

If you would like to pay us or would like us to pay you or dispute an invoice, want to settle things or make appointments, McDo is your man.

McDo provides also sales support to the company. He generally manages overall company operation, answers phone calls, speak with clients, assists the General Manager and clerical work including maintaining records of Manila Pianos Inc and WVS 1 group of companies.

He is a trustworthy person. We at Manila Pianos are happy that he is already many many years with the company.

McDo likes exploring places and food hunting on the weekends. He regularly goes to Batangas beaches to unwind and enjoy life. He is a family-oriented guy and likes to make a lot of friends.

You will be always able to reach him at 0917 895 0011 and email him at mark@pianos.ph.


Paolo | Marketing and Church Organ Sales.

Paolo Infante

For Manila Pianos, Paolo provides web content. He has outstanding computer abilities and is well-versed in art and media content. He keeps himself up to date on the latest trends, including music and pop culture, demonstrating that he knows what he's doing. 

He's been concentrating on making content for Manila Pianos' Instagram and Facebook sites, as well as its Youtube channel, recently. He tries to convey to Manila Pianos' clients and customers what the brand stands for and what it can provide. You can contact him at pao@pianos.ph.

Pao has a diverse range of interests and pastimes, and the word 'bored' does not appear in his vocabulary. Check out Manila Pianos' social media profiles to see more of his work.





Leisa | Sales and Marketing

Leisa Carungcong is a dynamic and talented individual serving as a Sales and Marketing Associate for Manila Pianos Inc. With her role, she takes charge of leading a team engaged in various sales and marketing initiatives for the company. Leisa's responsibilities encompass monitoring market trends, devising strategic plans, implementing sales strategies, and nurturing strong customer relationships.

At 25 years old, Leisa brings a youthful energy and a spirit of adventure to her work and personal life. Known for her vibrant personality, she is a joy to be around and ensures that those in her company are always entertained. With Leisa, boredom is never an option.

Hailing from Cavite, Leisa Carungcong embraces her roots and brings a unique perspective to her role at Manila Pianos Inc. Her combination of professional expertise, enthusiasm, and charismatic nature makes her a valuable asset to the company's sales and marketing team.

You can reach Leisa via email at leisa@pianos.ph.



Ernie | Logistics Manager

Ernie is an accomplished Logistics Manager with an impressive track record in the company. Hailing from Surigao City, he brings a strong work ethic and dedication to his role. Having been with the company for a considerable period, Ernie possesses extensive experience and knowledge in managing logistics operations.

Known for his exceptional work ethic, Ernie is highly regarded by his colleagues and peers. His hardworking nature and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to the company. Not only is he reliable and honest, but his loyalty to the organization is unwavering, earning the trust and respect of his team members.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ernie is also a joy to be around. With his friendly and approachable demeanor, he fosters a positive work environment, and his colleagues genuinely enjoy working with him. Ernie's ability to balance hard work with a sense of fun makes him an invaluable team player.

In summary, Ernie's dedication, reliability, honesty, and loyalty exemplify his role as a Logistics Manager. With his strong work ethic and positive attitude, he consistently contributes to the success of the company and fosters a harmonious working atmosphere for all.


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