Advantages of piano playing

There are many personal benefits you can gain by learning to play the pianos.  People that play the piano are more likely to flourish, thrive and experience success in life than those who do not play the piano.  Plus there are lots of health benefits. Here's why:

Learning to work hard

Anyone who excels at the piano has practiced for years and made that commitment to practice with vigor and determination.

Learning to be responsible

Piano players learn that consistent practice will bring results over time, even when sometimes the player doesn't really feel like it.

Learning to focus

Successful piano players have learned to focus on one thing and do it well, namely playing that song or passage to perfection. Unlike most other people, piano players have developed the gift of focus and concentration - something often missing in people who don't play.

Paying attention to details

Like no other, the piano player learns to observe the fine points of written and unwritten music and can use most subtle nuances to create something.

Self reliance

Practicing the piano will make people a master in self help as most of the time there will be no one around to help and learning must happen on their own.


Good musicians are very creative.  Not only do they use the piano and the music to express their musical ideas, they also have to conquer the physical and mental obstacles that arise when learning new music.  This same creativity will help these people solve obstacles in regular life.


Because most pieces written for piano are longer, there is little satisfaction in learning only half of a piece of music. Therefore a piano player has to persevere and learn the entire piece to the very end in order to experience the full joy of the piece.

Overall character

People that develop all these skills are very sought after in the workforce as they are better able to focus, work hard and find solutions to problems.  They are responsible and can complete a project from start to finish.

Higher marks in school

It is proven that students of music, and especially piano, typically score higher marks in school - especially in math. This is no surprise as the interaction between the two parts of the brain is better developed due to constant exercise.

Stress relief

From the moment you sit down at the piano and you start playing, your "stress of the day" evaporates like snow before the sun! Your brain will all of a sudden turn from negative to positive thinking.  After just half an hour of intense playing you will have the feeling of being relieved.

So what about you?

If you belong to the 82% of the population that always wanted to play, there is no better time than now to start. Give piano a try and you will feel better about yourself, no question! Back to front page.