Piano Rentals

We have upright pianos and grand pianos for rent for all occasions, weddings, concerts etcetera. Our price includes transport to and from the event (twice), truck, gas, insurance, food, drinks, moving crew (3-6 depending on size) for a period of 1-2 days and around the Makati area. Other areas might be an extra charge.

We have 5 Main Rules:

  1. You MUST pay IN FULL  and checks have to be cleared BEFORE the delivery of the Piano or Grand Piano.

  2. You MUST take care of all permits, entrance passes and all other necessary documents so our movers can do their job efficiently.

  3. You MUST declare all stairs if there are any, failing to do so might result in aborting the delivery of the piano and double charges.

  4. You MUST ensure the piano, take proper care of it and declare the place/time of your event. No outside events.

  5. If something happens to the piano while in your possession, you are responsible.

NOTE: If delivery is to a hotel like Shangri-La or similar, be prepared to pay extra for night delivery and pick up. These hotels have uncomfortable delivery and pick-up rules. Please be aware.


Size Price
7' Semi Concert Grand  Request for quote call 0917 895 0011
6' Studio Grand (Yamaha) Request for quote call 0917 895 0011
BABY Grand (Pearl River/Yamaha) Request for quote call 0917 895 0011
48-52" Upright Piano (Yamaha) Request for quote call 0917 895 0011

PAYMENT:   In Advance, Visa/Mastercard, Debit, Cash or direct transfer only, all taxes included, O/R will be given.

No refunds are entertained by us at any time. Back to front page.

We have been asked many times for reduced rate and free pianos, and our answer is always the same, we just cannot do it. Please find a sponsor who will help you with your program to cover the rental fees, we support the arts, but we cannot work for free, thanks for your understanding.

For more info, please (02)8253.9174 or 0917.895.0011 or email us.