Sell your piano or grand piano to us:

If you are interested in selling your piano to us, here's what YOU need to do:

. Please send us an email with the following information:

  1. Brand name (like: Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway etcetera)
  2. Model of the piano or grand piano. (like U 1, U121, M, L or so)
  3. The serial number. Click here to find out where to find it.
  4. If it is an upright piano, how high is it? (Between 42 and 52 inches)
  5. If it is a grand piano how long is it? (between 148 cm and 270 cm)
  6. When and where did you buy it? Do you still have the receipt?
  7. How much money do you want for it? YOU are the one selling, so YOU have to set the price.
  8. Are you sure you want to sell it, or do you want to trade it in for another piano
  9. Email us some pictures.

If we are interested in the piano we will get back to you, but some pianos we are not interested in and then we will not respond due to the high volume of requests. If we are interested we will contact you and set up an appointment for inspection and negotiation on price.If we make an agreement we will move the piano and pay you with a company check or cash. Back to front page.